When you’re looking for excellent rates on loan products, look no further – Somerville’s CU have the competitive rates you’re looking for.

All Rates Subject to Change.

Personal Loans
Type of Loan APR* as low as
Share Secured 2.05%
Signature to $15,000 9.49%
Personal Line of Credit to $15,000 9.49%
Computer Loan to $3,000 8.49%
Holiday/Vacation to $3,000 4.99%
Debt Consolidation Loan to $15,000 7.75%
Overdraft Loan 14.49%
Student Loans
Sallie Mae guidelines and rates apply.
Vehicle Loans 2018 & 2019
Term APR* as low as
Up to 84 months 2.99%
Up to 72 months 2.74%
Up to 60 months 2.49%
Up to 48 months 2.24%
Up to 24 months 1.75%

Full insurance coverage required.

Used Vehicle Loans 2015 - 2017
Term APR* as low as
Up to 72 months 3.49%
Up to 60 months 2.99%
Up to 48 months 2.49%

Full insurance coverage required.

Vehicle Loans – Older Models
Inquire for current rates.

Full insurance coverage required.

MassSave HEAT Loans
Rates and Terms vary depending on loan type chosen, contact credit union for details.
Home Equity Lines of Credit
Type APR* as low as
Blended HELOC^ 1.99%
Mortgage/Home Equity Closed End
Info Rates
Contact Credit Union for Most Current Market Rates. View Rates

Max. Loan $300K, combined LTV up to 60%. $250K for 70% LTV and $200K for 80% LTV. Appraisal, recording and legal fees paid by borrower. Unless specified, rates are variable and adjust monthly; terms up to 15 years.

^Fixed rate 12 months, Prime for remaining term adjusted monthly on the 1st, Caps 3.5/18.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate