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Established on May 28, 1941, Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union was started by people who were committed to helping their fellow City of Somerville employees save for retirement in an age when pensions were non-existent.

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For our universal protection we will be conducting transactions ONE member at a time through our temporary service window. All patrons must wear a mask or face covering (unless exempt for medical reasons) to receive service or they may be denied service pursuant to the MA Governor’s Executive order No. 31 (see below for details).

Effective June 8 and until further notice, our temporary COVID-19 business hours will be Monday through Friday 9AM – 4:30PM.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Additional info and online access can be found at

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker issued an Executive Order on face coverings today. Executive Order No. 31 requires residents over 2 years of age to use a face covering in public, including inside businesses, outdoors, or on public transportation, when they cannot practice social distancing. Notably, the Order specifically permits a business to decline entry to a customer that refuses to wear a mask or face cloth covering for non-medical reasons. The Department of Public Health will issue guidance and penalties include civil penalties of up to $300 per violation.

Effective May 6, 2020, the face covering Executive Order continues through the earlier of the termination of the emergency or its rescission, and may be found at: