Established on May 28, 1941, Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union was started by people who were committed to helping their fellow City of Somerville employees save for retirement in an age when pensions were non-existent.

Since the Fire and School Department employees had established their own credit unions previously, the following founding individuals bonded together and generously requested a charter to include the remaining employees of the City of Somerville:

  • John J. Donahue
  • T. Leo Galligan
  • Frances M. McKenzie
  • William F. MacDonald
  • Mary C. Crowley
  • Thomas E. Hegarty
  • William E. Hogan
  • Adelaide F. McAuley
  • Albert E. Robitaille
  • Albert E. Robitaille
  • Timothy J. Dwyer
  • Irene F. Ward

William Casey, one of the Credit Union’s first members and its first unofficial “recruiter”, was instrumental in our growth until his retirement in 1969. Mr. Casey was persistent in building membership deposits and keeping the Credit Union alive.

In the 1960’s, membership was extended to employees of the Somerville Housing Authority, the Somerville Redevelopment Authority, and Massachusetts Welfare employees working in Somerville. Our field of membership was expanded to include family members of the above employee groups during the 1970’s and in the 1980’s to include employees of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. In 2014, we expanded our field of membership even further to include all members of the Somerville Garden Club and the Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 27.

Today, the common bond of our employer groups is service to citizens of the Somerville community. With family members included, we are now close to 3,000 members strong, and continue to seek new members.