Sprig by Co-Op Mobile App. – Fast, free, and secure service!

Sprig mobile banking provides 24 / 7 access to all your accounts wherever you are! View your balance, transfer funds, find a Co-Op ATM, or even deposit a check via RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) using only your mobile device. All you need to access these convenient services is an iPhone or Android phone and an internet connection.

How do I enroll in Sprig?

For smartphones, visit the Apple app Store or Google Play*. Search for the free app, “Sprig by Co-Op.” You will need to insert our full name, Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union.

*Make sure you have had your account open for at least 30 days. Make sure all of your information is up to date at Primary Credit Union (note: your Primary Credit Union is Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union). Make sure to use all of your own information even if you are a joint owner. You must have more than $2.00 in your accounts. We are going to be making 2 micro-deposits in order to complete the enrollment process.

How current is the information I see in the Sprig system?

Account information accessed through Sprig is current and is updated in real-time. However, new transactions sometimes take a few minutes to show up in your Credit Union’s system.

Can I pay bills through Sprig?

Bill Pay is not supported through Sprig at this time. However, you can make person-to-person (P2P) payments to anyone in the Co-Op network. See our free Bill Pay system through Virtual Branch.

Can I unsubscribe from Sprig?

Yes. If you remove the last account from your digital wallet, either online or on the Settings screen in the Sprig App, your Sprig account will be completely deleted.

How can I deposit checks using Sprig?

With the remote check deposit feature, you can use the mobile app to make deposits into your account by taking a picture of the check. The check will need to be properly endorsed and standard check holds will be placed on the item being deposited. Checks that are not properly endorsed and/or are non-conforming will be returned. Please refer to the Sprig App instructions for the proper endorsement format: as of this posting date the required endorsement is ‘Sprig Mobile Deposit Only’ (however this is subject to change). There is a limit of 10 items per month or a total of $5,000.00 in deposits, whichever comes first. The daily limit for all deposits is $2,500.00.

Who should I call with questions about Sprig?

You can contact the Sprig Help Line any time, day, or night at (866) 698-8896.

Where can I find the answer to a question not listed here?

If you need further help, contact Co-Op at (866) 698-8896 or visit www.getsprig.com.