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Verification Fraud Attempts

7/31/23: We have received reports of members being contacted by someone claiming to be with our Credit Union or another legitimate institution, and asking questions about account verification, passwords, and social security numbers, birthdays and other personal information.

This is a reminder to be cautious and not give your personal or account information out to anyone.

If you are not expecting a call, email, mail, or text from the Credit Union, or another company, hang up and call us directly at 617-625-0898 to ensure validity.

The threat of a scammer can be spotted by how you are contacted and the questions that are asked by the Credit Union representative.

For example, it’s not normal for us to send an email or text message, or call you, and then ask you for account information, or to click on a link to avoid any account issues.

If you call us, we will ask questions to verify your identification, however we will NEVER call you, and ask for this info.

We Have Found You a Better Check Printing Deal!

Beginning April 1, 2014, we changed check printers. In an effort to keep member costs down, we will be ordering checks from Legacy. This means that there will be a minor change in the some of the styles and possibly look of checks, and a change in the appearance of the check reorder link from our website. Any orders placed by us at SMFCU will be from Legacy, the new printer and will receive the reduced pricing. please note: If you order checks yourself from the information on the check reorder form contained in your current check order, you will not be ordering from the new printer and will not receive the price reduction. To ensure savings, let us place your next check order. Once you have received your first shipment from Legacy, you can resume ordering on your own. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Save Time and Money Contact Us Before You Hit The Road

Before you hit the road shopping for your next used vehicle, contact your credit union. We’ll give you an idea of how much financing you’ll be approved for, which can come in handy. Knowing what you can afford will save you time by leading you straight to vehicles in your price range.

In addition, we have competitive used-vehicle loan rates to save you money. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you. So contact us today – before you hit the road.