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Established on May 28, 1941, Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union was started by people who were committed to helping their fellow City of Somerville employees save for retirement in an age when pensions were non-existent.

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Caution regarding common text scam

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the fact that many people will open and even reply to texts received on their smartphone.

Recently one of our members reported that they received a text from the sender who posed as Ron or Ron Draper, CEO from their credit union. This scam has been reported at numerous financial institutions throughout the U.S. and always involves the same method of operation: sending what appears to be legitimate text and email notifications from their credit union or bank to solicit confidential information.

How to protect yourself against fraud

If you are unsure about whether a message or notification is legitimate and intended for you, go directly to our official website (, or whatever entity is reportedly trying to contact you) to see if the message or notification sent to you is listed there. If you don’t see anything, call the credit union (617-625-0898) or business directly.

Tips to avoid this type of fraud

  • If your credit union needs you to update your online profile, password or user-name you should be able to find that information by logging in to your account separately through the official site — or by calling us directly.
  • Never reply to a text from an unknown number, it's that simple! If the text is from a scammer your response will only confirm to the fraudster that you are a real person and future target.
  • Never click on any links received via email or text that come from an email address or phone number you don’t recognize.
  • Install and keep your anti-malware software regularly updated on your smartphone: this will help ensure protection of your device and information.